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Sleep Under the Stars

Register and set up a fundraising page, and ask you, family and friends, to donate to see you sleeping rough for a night in support of homeless and at-risk kids in NSW.

The Regatta, 8 March 2018

Stepping Stone House holds an annual fundraising regatta at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron (RSYS) Kirribilli. It is a fun day for sailors with a competitive race followed by a friendly get-together at the club to swap stories and enjoy a casual dinner and prize giving.


Stepping Stone House provide accommodation and development for young people who are homeless, “at risk” and living away from their families

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What we do at Stepping Stone House

Stepping Stone House is a charity that provides accommodation and personal development for children and young people aged 12-24 years old who through no fault of their own find themselves homeless, at risk or unable to live at home. It is also an accredited out-of-home-care residential service providing medium to long term accommodation across three homes in Sydney.

Of the 40 children and young people we provide support and care for, only 4 are funded by the government, they rely on generous donors and fundraising to support the other 36.

How is Stepping Stone House different?

Stepping Stone House is different because it takes a long term approach to supporting and developing their children and young people utilising a combination of adventure education, neuro-plasticity and trauma informed care. It is not affiliated with any religious or political organisation, and provides young people with a safe home environment in which they are able to thrive and become independent.

Read Our Success Stories

We are proud of our success stories and the young people they involve.

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What former residents have to say

Hey my names Sajih, and my experience at Stepping Stone House was profound, it changed my life and probably kept me alive. It taught me independent living skills ranging from cooking, how to manage my finances to self care in stressful situations. I found the adventure trips really hard but loved them and recognise now that they built up my confidence and resilience.  These traits combined with the fact that I had to save money each week for a rental bond and had to get a part time job ensured that I was able to stay self sufficient and keep out of trouble after I graduated and took my own rental property. My most enjoyable memories of being at Stepping Stone House was queuing up with all the kids every evening in Winter and being given my hot water bottle plus doing the sailing voyage from Sydney to Southport. Such good memories.  Now I own my own business and am happily married.

Video Stories

Check out the true story of one of our Stepping Stone House graduates

Please take just 2 minutes to hear how we supported Amanda.

Our sponsors

We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support from all our sponsors.

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