Our mission - Stepping Stone House

Stepping Stone House is an award-winning organisation that provides accommodation and personal development to help homeless and at-risk youth become independent and the very best they can be.

Many of our young people have experienced domestic violence, sexual and emotional abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction. Around 30% of our young people have been forced to leave home because of their sexuality.

To support young people facing these difficult situations, long-term shelter and support programs are critical.

That’s why Stepping Stone House is a dedicated family, providing long-term accommodation and support for young people aged 12 – 24 years old.

We aim to

Foster independence and individuality.

We empower young people to become emotionally and financially independent, through a holistic development framework that teaches life skills.

Build strong, long-lasting relationships.

We believe in developing strong relationships and long-term individual growth. We work together to provide the best possible learning outcomes for vulnerable youth.

Maximise individual potential.

We help young people realise their potential, build happier, healthier relationships with others, and become more involved in their local communities.

Empower, motivate and inspire.

We ensure the best possible outcomes for our young people, through our results-driven approach and a strong focus on adventure education.

Support with integrity, professionalism and mutual respect.

We’re honest, accountable and transparent in all of our work and relationships. We’re a trusted and dedicated family.

Achieve the highest levels of recognition.

We are accredited to the highest standard and have been acknowledged for our exceptional outcomes as the winner of the service excellence award by the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies.

Our Vision