Our work

Stepping Stone House provide accommodation and development for young people who are homeless, “at risk” and living away from their families

Established in 1989, Stepping Stone House is a not for profit organisation providing medium to long term accommodation and development for young people who are homeless, or who are at risk of homelessness or are living away from their families aged 12 to 24 years old. The aim is to develop their self-esteem, resilience, self-confidence and good health through motivational experiential learning including outdoor education and adventure so that they achieve responsible independence and be the best they can be. They are unique in that young people who live at the Stepping Stone Houses will often stay for years, thereby giving the time necessary to undo the impact the trauma has had in their young lives.  The youth are generally referred to Stepping Stone House from all over NSW via Community Services, Juvenile Justice, crisis accommodation services and self-referred. For many of these young people, their lives have been turbulent and disrupted and they have possibly never experienced a stable, safe and secure living arrangement.

Stepping stone house, Sydney

Our Method

Over the years Stepping Stone House has created a practical and proven set of developmental “stepping stones to independence”.

Safe environment

The house assists the young people in meeting their primary needs of food, water, shelter and safety

Stepping Stone House gives young people a safe environment, where the staff can interact and engage them and work towards building a meaningful, therapeutic and non-judgmental relationship.  The house assists the young people in meeting their primary needs of food, water, shelter and safety. From the creation of such a relationship, it is possible for the staff to assist young people to identify, understand and acknowledge secondary needs such as understanding why they have been taken into care, reasons that they cannot live at home, emotional support, understanding their behaviours, health, education, belonging and connectedness, social relationships, learning new skills, participating in new experiences and gaining access to resources in a supporting and nurturing holistic learning environment.

The service has 24-hour supervision and the staff of Stepping Stone House work as a team to provide care to the young people.  Each staff member is chosen because of their unique skill set and commitment to the aims and Mission of Stepping Stone House.

We have pride in the fact that Stepping Stone House is more than just a residential service.  It is a “home away from home” environment where young people will be treated with respect and fairness, while living in a house where a quality of life is valued and promoted.

Behavioural support

It is recognised at Stepping Stone House that the young people have learnt skills and behaviours sometimes in order to survive the traumas that led them to not being able to live at home.  We value behaviour as a form of communication and work with young people in order to teach new ways to behave in a more positive and constructive manner. This is achieved through the use of the Therapeutic Care Model combined with latest ground breaking methods uncovered in recent Neuroplasticity research.

Skills used by staff of Stepping Stone House range from tertiary qualifications such as understanding adolescents, stages of change, communication, counselling, motivational interviewing skills, teaching of life skills, managing challenging behaviours and consideration of the elements of passion, understanding of and empathy with the young people, humour, professional boundaries and legislative imperatives of reporting.


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