BBM Youth Support

BBM Youth Support
(formerly Big Brother Movement)

BBM Youth Support was a vital friend for Stepping Stone when it started in 1989.  The group of supporters had said that they did not want to be involved in the purchase of real estate.  They wanted their contributions to go direct to help the young homeless residents.

When the Stepping Stone House Committee found its present house in Sydney, it approached BBM Youth Support to buy the property so Stepping Stone House could operate it under a lease arrangement. Generously they agreed to do so and for the first 3 years of Stepping Stone House’s life we were tenants of BBM.  At the end of that period BBM decided that they wanted the property sold so Stepping Stone House and Wesley Mission (in a minor percentage) decided to purchase the property. Fortunately BBM Youth Support continued to donate to Stepping Stone House the amount that Stepping Stone House would have to pay by way of interest to borrow the funds for the purchase. They have been our major Sponsor in this regard since we purchased the house from them.

We ultimately purchased outright the property from Wesley Mission many years ago and operate on an independent basis.  We are deeply grateful for the ongoing support from our major Sponsor, BBM Youth Support.