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How Can I Help

Become a volunteer

Stepping Stone House relies on volunteers to help the organisation continue to run effectively and efficiently. At present Stepping Stone House has various groups of people who donate and volunteer their time to the operation and existence of Stepping Stone House.

We have 4 types of volunteers:

  1. Saturday daytime volunteers
  2. Weekday office administration volunteers
  3. Monday and Wednesday in-house evening activities volunteers
  4. School holiday and weekend activities volunteers

Saturday daytime volunteers

We have a group of sixteen people who generously give their time to attend Stepping Stone House on a Saturday during the day. During this time, volunteers arrange social outings for and with the young people, supervise the house to allow young people to have access to their ‘home’, drive them to activities and take them shopping, etc.

Time requirement: Stepping Stone House requires volunteer support on three Saturdays per month, consequently with the current number of volunteers, each volunteer is asked to donate one Saturday every two to three months.

Monday and Wednesday in-house evening activities volunteers

Stepping Stone House has a small number of people with expertise in cooking skills, jewellery making, art and crafts skills and job ready skills, who with the assistance and agreement of the manager arrange for cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, job ready skills workshops and so forth.

This type of volunteering generally occurs during activity times allocated for such events on Monday and Wednesday evenings. These volunteers generally attend dinner with the young people one evening prior to the event which gives them a chance to prepare and promote the upcoming activity. Again these volunteers attend training and procedure as do the Saturday volunteers.

Weekday office administration volunteers

Stepping Stone House has another small group of people who make themselves available during work hours from Monday through to Friday. These volunteers are given training on administration tasks at Stepping Stone House.

These volunteers follow the same procedure of the Saturday volunteers as mentioned above and complete a Working with Children’s Check. These volunteers allow staff to attend training as a group, for team building days as a group, attend supervision and case conferences or any other appointments with young people.

Time requirements: 3 –  7 hours.

School holidays and weekend activities volunteers

During school holidays and weekends, young people have more time than during the school day/term. This means that they are at home more and often can find themselves bored and otherwise unoccupied. Volunteers can offer to use this time to provide fun, educational, recreational or sporting activities for the young people and often shoulder the financial burden for these events. These types of activities include, trips to the zoo or aquarium, the Easter Show, Luna Park, picnics, days on the harbour and so forth. These activities are welcomed and appreciated by staff and young people and provide an outlet for them during times of less activity. If you are interested in planning such an activity or outing, please contact our manager.

Volunteer training

Stepping Stone House recognises the importance of volunteer support and training and as such provides each volunteer with training opportunities and support networks to assist them in their generous offer of assistance.

In each year, at least 4 training sessions are arranged where time is given to debrief volunteers, for volunteer peer support and for discussion amongst volunteers where a lot of idea sharing and problem solving occurs.

Volunteers are encouraged to give the manager topics upon which they seek training and this will be arranged where possible.

Volunteer support

Predominantly, the volunteers are not professionals trained to work in the helping profession and as such Stepping Stone House recognises the importance of providing them with adequate support networks to be able to assist them in their volunteering duties.

While volunteering at Stepping Stone House, volunteers are given contact details of the on-call duty person for the weekend. This on-call duty person is a paid employee of Stepping Stone House who is aware of all the behavioural and working plans for each young person, who has a relationship with each young person of Stepping Stone House and who will be available at the end of phone to give volunteers advice, support, guidance and debriefing if required.

Should a volunteer deem it necessary, the on-call duty person will attend Stepping Stone House in person to assist the volunteer with a young person or a particular issue.