Our Success Stories

We are proud of our success stories and the young people they involve.

What former residents have to say

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Testimonial letter from a parent

Dear Finn (Red, Operations Manager),

Here is my testimonial. You know I mean every word of it.

I have been associated with SSH for about two years. SSH has helped me to co-parent my daughter at a time when her living at home was impossible for both of us for many reasons. At SSH my daughter has learned to accept boundaries, respect others and take responsibility for her actions.

I have always been grateful for SSH’s intervention because I knew my daughter was always safe and supported by staff who are both firm and caring. My daughter has learned to be responsible for her words and actions in an atmosphere of support and sensitivity. The caseworkers are not just doing a job, they actually care about the adolescents in their charge. On many occasions the manager, Finn and the caseworkers have gone beyond the call of duty when dealing with my daughter and I. They have always encouraged my daughter to make sound decisions by discussing with her all the possible consequences of various behaviours. I fully appreciated their input and I always felt heard, valued and accepted unconditionally and unjudgementally.

Furthermore the manager and workers have patiently taught my daughter to be respectful towards others, fulfil her duties in a household situation and attend school and TAFE regularly. Consequently, she gained her School Certificate and is currently completing a Certificate 3 office administration course at TAFE.

Thanks to the efforts of the manager and workers at SSH the relationship between my daughter and I has improved immensely.

I have been to Christmas parties which left me in awe of the manager, Finn and the workers who so naturally and sincerely made these occasions so special for all of us. The young people were showered with attention and gifts.

Finn, you as manager have a true affinity with the young people because you understand them and always have their best interests at heart. You are intelligent and savvy and have no qualms in arbitrating judiciously and unjudgementally over the most difficult situations with the goal of achieving the most favourable resolutions for the young people.

Many volunteer workers add to the positive ambience of SSH. I can’t commend them enough. They are inspirational people who remind me how much we could all do for others less fortunate than ourselves for whatever circumstance beyond their or our control.

From a mum who will always be grateful to SSH.

Success story from a young resident

Hey my names Ngan, and my experience at SSH was definitely full of surprises, because simply life is full of surprises. Stepping Stone House is a program that teaches independent skills on how to cook clean and socialise in environments. Even though this is their main focus, my memorable experience isn’t the learning, it’s the growing, definitely.

I moved into Stepping Stone as soon as I moved out of home and even though I’m not currently residing at Stepping Stone’, there will always be the heart and soul Stepping Stone’ has provided me with.

I go back to Stepping Stone’ for their activities and trips away; It has helped me grow as a person. A stepping stone is all in the name, ‘Stepping Stone’; ‘Each to their own’ is the best phrase that describes Stepping Stone’. For me I felt like I grew up there, I learnt how to be an individual and I started growing outside my circle. I’m a pretty-shy girl and I probably still am but I feel like to make up for my own traumatic childhood, Stepping Stone’ has abolished it and created a sense of joy and memories for me.

Talking to the workers, residents, fight with residents – what teenagers do! I had fun and I’ve been to places I’ve never been. I felt like it almost compensated my childhood crying and smiling; I remember the light shining through the backyard doors and coming home from school looking forward to saying ‘blab’ to other teenagers about my day and the occasional singing from Finn. It’s definitely something no other teenagers experience coming home to – a world full of teens and fun. It’s our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Stepping Stone House taught me it’s what you make of things.

Another success story from a young resident

 To all the wonderful people who made everything happen:

I would like to say thank you so much for making my Christmas for the last 2 years the best I’ve ever had. I’m sorry for being absent last Friday on the 28th January 2011. Despite all the ups and downs I have to say I’m a lucky duck!

I don’t know where to start. I wish I could say it face to face but paper and pen doesn’t really put out that raw emotion. I will try my best.


Well all I can say is WOW! I can’t believe the sheer amount of presents I got- the amazing food and all the thought and preparation that went into it was amazing!

I opened up my presents and Santa sack and got dresses and practically everything I liked and suited my personality. It’s amazing how much the staff take notice of what we like/don’t like and how we dress-basically everything. I felt overwhelmed and being quite an emotional person I got quite teary…it’s just this…I never thought Christmas was like this. The way I grew up it just wasn’t celebrated. And after that I had my birthday! A day later! I got a cake and more PRESENTS! Yep I got REALLY spoilt!

I wish I had been there last Friday to give all of the volunteers and committee members and anyone who made these unforgettable experiences and memories happen for me a hug and a heartfelt thank you!


Oh and by the way I forgot to mention that as I sat there in stepping stone house surrounded by presents-I declared I would never leave…to Finn’s dismay.

Thank you for making SSH the best place I’ve ever lived and giving us all the opportunities like fitness classes, movies, dinners, trampolines and bikes especially things like trapezing where i overcame fear and panic after being reduced to tears-but with the encouragement of everyone managed to try again and again! To be honest I never thought I would do so many things that have been available to me now because of your support!

Thank you so much!

Lots of love,



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