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Australia's youth homelessness problem in 2024

Australia has a youth homelessness problem. The statistics are dire, and behind each one are the stories of countless individuals experiencing homelessness across the country. With so many factors working against them and a complex and difficult-to-navigate system, young people are falling through the cracks and going without accommodation or support.


Youth homelessness in Australia in 2024

Almost 46,000 people under 25 were experiencing homelessness in the latest Australian census. Plus, nearly a quarter (23.0%) of all people experiencing homelessness were aged 12-24 years. (ABS, 2023)

Each year, thousands of young people present alone to specialist homelessness services. Of these young people (39,000 in 2022-23), 1 in 3 have experienced domestic violence, almost half (48%) report a current mental health issue, and 47% are in need of long-term accommodation. Yet, only 4.3% receive it. (AIHW, 2023)

Without the support of parents and carers, these young people face countless barriers, forced to try to survive in a system that often seems built against them.


How the housing crisis affects young people

The rental market in Australia has never been less affordable, and the cost of living has grown exponentially in recent years. Out of 45,895 rental listings surveyed last year, 0 rentals (0%) were affordable for a person on Youth Allowance. (Anglicare Australia, 2023)

Young people are increasingly living at home with their parents for longer (AIFS, 2023). But when faced with family breakdowns, crises, or violence and abuse, living at home isn’t an option for everyone. Not to mention the thousands of young people leaving out-of-home care each year. (AIHW, 2021)


Ending youth homelessness in Australia

17 April 2024 is Youth Homelessness Matters Day, a national day to raise awareness and public discussion about youth homelessness.

This year, we’re joining the call for action. We’re calling on individuals, communities, and governments to address the issue and help end youth homelessness in Australia.

How you can help:

  • ADVOCATE: Sign the petition to develop a national strategy to end child and youth homelessness
  • SUPPORT: Volunteer, give, or fundraise for organisations supporting young people experiencing homelessness.
  • SHARE: Spread the word and help raise awareness about youth homelessness in Australia

Together, we can make a difference for young people experiencing homelessness in Australia.


“It will take a whole of government and community approach to end child and youth homelessness in Australia.”
YFoundations Australia


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