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Help build a better life for our homeless youth

When you partner with Stepping Stone House you are showing that you have an ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community, and giving back by helping our most vulnerable and disadvantaged youth.

Stepping Stone House is a unique, award winning charity that provides displaced and traumatised Sydney teenagers (all of whom have been made homeless through no fault of their own) with a safe home, family environment, education, and then employment, and an opportunity to recover and go on to live their best life. SSH takes responsibility for these young people and ‘normalizes’ their childhood as best we can, including supporting
them well beyond the normal funding cut off age of 18, which are the higher risk years.

Our corporate partners help us to provide programs that are single-mindedly focused on rebuilding trust, self-esteem, education and life skills. The stepping stones that our residents follow provide these traumatised and vulnerable people with a proven path to walk confidently to full independence.

Your commitment to partner with us will help us to support even more children in need.  Interested in becoming a partner?

The difference you will make

Demonstrating to your customers and employees that your company is making a positive contribution to the most vulnerable in our community is important for any business operating in a competitive environment.

Businesses that partner with us make a huge difference to the lives of these young people.

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Co-designed for a positive outcome for everyone


Our most successful relationships are co-designed. We have proven over and over that working with partners to customise the programmes that change the lives of our young people and deliver on their goals, results in better outcomes for everyone. Some are large scale initiatives and others are specific smaller programmes and we will work with you to ensure your investment delivers on your needs as well.

Examples of tailor-made programs that existing corporate partners are engaged in include:

1. Partner “A” funds the development of a Semi-Independent Living Program and is radically changing the lives of 7 young people each year – $200,000.
This partner supports and enormous programme including:

  • Provision of safe stable accommodation to improve well-being and healthy habits
  • Therapeutic care to help youth address their childhood trauma
  • Attending courses to inspire youth to identify their purpose and create a compelling future
  • Family restoration where possible
  • Engagement in education to build skills and confidence
  • Providing a personal independent mentor to guide them through the challenges in life
  • Engagement in Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme to raise self-esteem and sense of self pride
  • Employment skills coaching to help secure work and develop healthy work habits
  • Provision of 440 Life Skills coaching and workshops to equip them to deal with a huge range circumstances in future
  • Adventure Education opportunities to disconnect from technology, reconnect with themselves and create confidence through fear-based physical challenges
  • Join a community group or team to develop a sense of belonging, connections and friends
  • Driving lessons to build self-esteem and a real sense of accomplishment


2. Partner “B” is supporting our Independent Living Program and is radically changing the lives of 8 young people
every year – $100,000

Partner “B” provides all of the support programmes that Partner “A” does, but the young people live independently


3. Other partners have co-designed specific programmes like:

Career Pathway Program – $24k

Psychologist support $6k p.a.

Food supply -$15k p.a.

Adventure Education – $30k p.a.

SILP young person – $45k p.a.

ILP young person – $15k p.a.


There are many ways your organisation can support our young people


Staff involvement


Stepping Stone House offers amazing volunteering opportunities for partners.

These can range from a 1-day activity assisting with a homework club, to mentoring a young person who is studying at TAFE or University. Volunteers are also needed all year round to help with logistical and administrative tasks for our tutoring, numeracy and literacy programs.

Not only do these activities boost staff development, but they also bring your employees closer to the disadvantaged young people and their families who are at the heart of everything we do.


Workplace giving


Workplace giving is an easy and effective way to help your employees make a difference and show them that their workplace is actively supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children in their local community.

With donations deducted from employees pre–tax pay, their donations go even further. Plus, it reduces your employees’ taxable income, so they benefit every pay and you can choose to match your employees donations dollar for dollar, so your company can have double the impact.


Pro bono and in–kind support


You can donate in–kind goods or pro bono services that we would otherwise need to pay for.

Pro bono and in–kind goods and services enable us to direct an even greater percentage of the donations we receive to our programs.

To discuss how you could support us in this way, please contact us.


Customer and stakeholder engagement


The concept of cause-related marketing is a powerful weapon to help you develop brand loyalty in today’s competitive marketplace.

In addition to the value that successful cause-related marketing can add to your brand and corporate image in the eyes of your customers, aligning your company with a cause will also work to boost employee morale and loyalty, making you a preferred employer.

Partners of Stepping Stone House that include us in their cause-related marketing are getting the following benefits:

  • enhanced public perception and trust of their brand
  • increased sales
  • positive media coverage
  • creation of a unique selling point over their competitors
  • reasons for consumers to switch brand
  • improved relationships with supply chain
  • improved employee morale and loyalty.


Taking part in events


Raising funds for us by taking part in a fundraising event is a fantastic way to unite your employees for a common cause.

It is also a great way to energise your company, creating a motivating theme that engages employees in teamwork and makes them proud to work for you.

We make it as easy as we can for you to join in our events, or even run your own event.



For the last 30 years Stepping Stone House has relied on the business community to support our work through the
provision of financial and non-financial support, and we would love to work with you.

Contact us by filling out the enquiry form below, leave us a brief message and we’ll get back to you very soon.

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