Corporate Partnerships

Interested in becoming a partner?

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Help build a better life for our homeless youth

When you partner with Stepping Stone House you are showing that you have an ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community, and giving back by helping our most vulnerable and disadvantaged youth.

Stepping Stone House is a unique, award winning charity that provides displaced and traumatised Sydney teenagers (all of whom have been made homeless through no fault of their own) with a safe home, family environment, education, and then employment, and an opportunity to recover and go on to live their best life. SSH takes responsibility for these young people and ‘normalizes’ their childhood as best we can, including supporting them well beyond the normal funding cut off age of 18, which are the higher risk years.

Our corporate partners help us to provide programs that are single-mindedly focused on rebuilding trust, self-esteem, education and life skills. The stepping stones that our residents follow provide these traumatised and vulnerable people with a proven path to walk confidently to full independence.

Your commitment to partner with us will help us to support even more children in need.  Interested in becoming a partner?

If your core business values are to…

  • Feel part of the family of an award-winning Aussie charity
  • Find practical and outcome-oriented avenues for your employees to give back to the community
  • Contribute to the research and development of meaningful social impact
  • Personally implement adventure and education programs to inspire disadvantaged youth
  • Get to know the people whose lives you are transforming
  • End youth homelessness

Then a partnership with Stepping Stone House might be for you.

The difference you will make


Demonstrating to your customers and employees that your company is making a positive contribution to the most vulnerable in our community is important for any business operating in a competitive environment.


Businesses that partner with us make a huge difference to the lives of these young people.

Imagine your workplace having such a profound impact on the lives of these disadvantaged young people! CONTACT US

Our corporate partners help us to provide award winning programs that are focused on rebuilding trust, self-esteem, education and life skills for displaced and traumatised youth. The outcomes are both visual and impactful. Our partners don’t build houses; they build safe homes. They don’t fund staff; they enable a family environment and an opportunity for youngsters to recover and go on to live their best life.


We are seeking:

  • Funding for our programs and expansion to help more youth
  • Partners in mission and purpose
  • Immersive partnerships that cross departments and capabilities
  • Influence to bring our brand to life and realise our potential
  • Life experiences and essential items to help our youth gain independence
  • Growth of our incredible supporter base
  • Venue reciprocity
  • Shared training and resources for our dedicated staff
  • Advocacy  and research assistance
  • Marketing and professional resourcing and assistance
  • Workplace giving and ongoing funding opportunities


In return we offer:

  • Opportunity; work with us to help shape the impact and outcomes we can achieve together by sharing skills and resources
  • Engagement; opportunities for your staff to make a visible difference through team building and project-based initiatives
  • Tangibility; onsite and immersive tours of our houses
  • Trust; where appropriate, hear firsthand from the beneficiaries of your input
  • Collaboration; reciprocal marketing opportunities aplenty
  • Gratitude; brand exposure at a suite of fundraising events
  • Reputation; affiliation with an award winning charity in the youth homelessness space

Examples of support

Co-designed Partnerships

We work with partners to customise programs that change the lives of our young people and deliver on your organisational goals. The projects and initiatives may be large or small and we will work with you to ensure your investment delivers on your needs and our outcomes.

Example: Partner “A” invests $200,000 to fund the development of a Semi-Independent Living Program and is radically changing the lives of 7 young people each year. In return the partner enjoys naming rights on a house and associated collaborative benefits of supporting a high impact program.

Example: Partner “B” invests $100,000 to support an Independent Living Program and is radically changing the lives of 8 young people every year.

Program Sponsorship

Partners who fund specific programs get their name in neon lights every time that program is featured and have the option to get their staff actively involved in program delivery;


  • The Career Pathway Program can be funded in its entirety for $24k per year
  • The highly visible and popular Adventure Education Program can be funded in $30k portions
  • Sponsor one young person in our Semi Independent Living Program for $45k per year
  • Or sponsor one young person in the Independent Living program for $15k per year

Event Partnerships

Raising funds for us by taking part in one of our many fundraising events is a fantastic way to unite your employees for a common cause. We make it as easy as we can for you to join in our events, or even run your own event. Event sponsor and partnership options are available depending on your budget and level of staff commitment.

Example: Become a Platinum Sponsor of the flagship Sleep Under the Stars event for a commitment of $50K or more raised through event participation and corporate matching.

Professional Services

Some of our partners donate in–kind goods or pro bono services that significantly reduce our costs and enable us to direct an even greater percentage of the donations we receive to our programs.

Example: Consider which of your specialist internal teams has capacity to value add to our administrative needs i.e. marketing or research capabilities

To discuss the above or to collaborate on a custom opportunity, please contact us.