Volunteer - Stepping Stone House

Skills Based Volunteers

We are seeking people to utilise their professional skills to support Stepping Stone House and help our children and young people be the very best they can be. We need many skills including marketing, social media, piano teachers, DIY capability and so much more. Check out the full list of volunteer opportunities below.

Time requirement: It can be anything from a few hours a year to a day a week, you choose!

Available Volunteer Positions

Work in our Houses

• Bike Repair Volunteer– help to keep our bikes in good condition
• Electrician – help out with minor repairs
• Gardener – help to maintain our gardens
• DIY Maintenance Person
• Removalists – support with picking up donations and helping young people move into their own apartments

Fundraising and Corporate Support

• Fundraising Events Managers
• Fundraising Sub-Committee
• Fundraising Champions – recruiting teams to our Sleep Under the Stars fundraiser and other events
• Event Logistics Support
• Working Bee Participants – gardening, painting, decorating, helping out in teams without our houses or on a specific project

Volunteer Roles for Young People

• Ambassadors drawing in other young people for fundraising events/social media contact
• Collectors at fundraising events and sports events
• Logistics runners at fundraising events
• Promotion of fundraising events within schools and clubs

Work with Our Young People

• Driving Mentors – teach a young person how to drive in a Stepping Stone House car
• Mentors – support young people to work towards specific goals / or learn new skills which they have identified
• Music Teachers – piano, guitar, etc.
• Language teachers – we have some young people for whom English is not their first language and others who are keen to learn a second language
• Swimming Instructor – support our young people to learn to swim
• Yoga Teacher – provide relaxation and meditation techniques
• Martial Arts Instructor
• Fitness Instructor / PT – hold fitness workshops at the houses

• Tutors – supporting young people with school or TAFE assignments and learning
• Career Advisors / Mentors – be matched with a young person who may have an interest in following your career path
• Cooks and Chefs – help to teach the young people to cook and run cultural nights
• House Volunteers – help with doing the weekly food shop, organising and decluttering, etc.
• Beauty/Skin Care Specialist – help to teach our young people self-care
• Artist / Creative Volunteer– hold workshops and/or provide opportunities for young people to learn and discover different art styles

• Hairdresser – provide in house or salon hair cutting and styling
• Party Planner – helping staff to plan young people’s birthdays
• Significant Birthday Procurement Specialist – acquire cheap or free birthday experiences for young people turning 18 and 21
• Birthday Cake Maker – bake cakes from the comfort of your own home for the young people’s birthdays
• Qualified Activity Volunteers – provide abseiling, kayaking, surfing, keep fit, sailing, alpine, sailor, alpine experiences and more
• Music Therapist
• Art Therapist
• Legal Support/Advisor
• Dentist

Support our Team

• Board Members – steering the strategic direction of Stepping Stone House
• Collection Boxes Coordinator – collecting from corporates and shops
• Office Admin Assistants
• Adobe Captivate Expert / Has LMS experience
• Graphic Designer
• Software Designer

• Data Analyst
• Database Manager – Salesforce
• Grant Writers
• Newsletter Writer
• Writer / Editor
• Marketing / Branding Guru
• Website Manager
• Social Media Manager
• Public Relations Service
• Procurement Manager
• Videographer

• Photographer
• IT Support
• Research specialist

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