Property Industry Foundation

The Property Industry Foundation (PIF) was established in 1966, by leaders of industry, to provide charitable organisations working with young people at risk, with funds, materials, resources and man-power. It has grown to become the prominent charity within the property industry.

With a grant of $250,000 from the PIF in 2005, Stepping Stone House began construction of the independent living (ILP) unit and renovations of the main house. This project was important to the Management Committee and staff of Stepping Stone House, as it had become increasingly difficult to transition young people out of the medium to long term residential service, into their own independent living situation. The addition of this unit onto the main house, allowed for young people to transition out of one Stepping Stone House program into another, and provided them with the security and comfort of continuing to work with staff they had known for eighteen months or more.

This project which cost $300,000 would have been impossible to complete without the PIF’s grant of $250,000.

Stepping Stone House acknowledges the PIF’s support and contribution and thanks them for assisting us in finalising such an important project. Since this time the ILP has successfully transitioned twenty young people and currently has three residents residing in the ILP. The project has been a huge success – so much so that we hope to open a second ILP house in the near future.