Sleep Under the Stars - Stepping Stone House

Sleep Under the Stars is our flagship experiential fundraiser renowned for its community spirit.

In 2021, we’ve set ourselves the target of raising $800,000 to support 33 more young people at Stepping Stone House.

This year we are doing the event a bit differently. You can Sleep Under the Stars wherever you are, so long as you’re safe and COVID-safe.

Take part at home and get the whole family or team involved. You can sleep out on your balcony or couch, set up a tent in your backyard, or get a group together to camp out in safety under the stars – restrictions permitting.  You can sleep out how and where you like – just not in your own bed.

You can sleep out ANY night in October!

We understand that for many Australian residents, Covid restrictions are constantly changing, so we’re making it easy for you to take part whenever it suits you! We’ll still be holding an exciting online event on the night of the 15th October to celebrate SUTS 2021 to bring our fundraising community together – and you’ll be invited to join. But you can ‘sleep out’ any other October night you choose. 

Get your friends and family to sponsor your night ‘sleeping rough’, and raise money to help keep young people safe from homelessness. 

Every dollar you raise will go to help Stepping Stone House provide safety, care and support for young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 

You can be the star a young person needs to light the darkness. Sign up now and together we’ll light up the sky! 

In 2020 you helped us raise $634,540 – join us this year as we aim even higher!  

To give you some insight into what this will fund at Stepping Stone House, this figure will go towards: 


Highly skilled staff to care for these youngsters around the clock.

Train and support personal mentors for all youth, to slowly rebuild positive relationships with trusted adults.

The room setup and welcome packs for all newly arrived at-risk youth.

A week-long confidence building adventure for all youth in our care.



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