Sleep Under the Stars - Stepping Stone House


Sleep Under the Stars is our flagship experiential fundraiser renowned for its community spirit.

On Friday 30th October, people of all ages created teams amongst colleagues, family or social groups to participate remotely and Sleep Under the Stars in backyards, cars, warehouses, and other appropriately socially distanced locations.

The online virtual event brought the community of remote sleepers together to hear firsthand stories from the brave young people we can assist together.

The total amount fundraised was… drumroll please… $634,540!

See how it went!

Teams and individuals raised a total of $634,540!

To give you some insight into what this will fund at Stepping Stone House, this figure will go towards:

Highly skilled staff to care for these youngsters around the clock.

Train and support personal mentors for all youth, to slowly rebuild positive relationships with trusted adults.

The room setup and welcome packs for all newly arrived at-risk youth.

A week-long confidence building adventure for all youth in our care.



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